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Thread: URHN next ICNB? ICNB brought us 1500%

  1. Default URHN next ICNB? ICNB brought us 1500%

    Last week we witnessed ICNB have a volume spike followed by a massive run from .005 to .09. URHN had a similar volume and price spike today. From what I have seen, it seems to be the same people who jumped on ICNB on the first day too so keep URHN on your watchlist this week......

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    Obviously no guarantee URHN runs to .09 from .005, but it has similar characteristics and the same people that were on ICNB have moved to URHN. It should be on your watchlist tomorrow and into next week.

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    URHN Closed +82.35% today

    Good Start, next week will be fun.

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    Held up fairly well this week. Closed at .008. 15-12g form filed today. This is a step closer to reverse merger. And based on info, it looks like its going to be this company. If the news hits, it could run next week. Still keep your eye on this. Especially if it can break through .01 and then .014.

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    This should be back on your watchlist. Finally breaking .01 again today on decent volume.

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