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Thread: Biotechs anyone else like them?

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    IMMU and NVLT both up today and looking good. Lots of rumors going around on immu about a deal coming and the stock has been strong and looks like it may see 3 soon. NVLT may have hit bottom as it started coming back today may be one to watch for a move back over 2. Lots of biotechs getting action lately and some look like they will continue higher as cnbc talks up the biotechs. Does anyone else like the biotechs if so lets throw out some names.

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    Both immu and nvlt up while the overall market looked weak. Cramer was talking biotechs again tonight cnbc has been talking biotechs all week. NVLT closed at 2 up .07 and there were buyers on the close. IMMU sold off a little on the close but still had a great day. IMMU is up 70% in the last few months and looks like it is going alot higher on a deal that is coming. NVLT working its way back up after hitting bottom at 1.60. Watch the biotechs in 2006. Watch the chinese stocks next few years for lots of big runs XING CLWT CYD CESV CXTI TOMO SOHU its gonna be a great new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOOD LUCK

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    Some are having a good day today. NVLT trying to take out 2 and IMMU needs the news of that deal to get it going again. Watch IMMU when the news hits good luck

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    You're right. Along w/ diversification in the industry you also have less risk. I do like the Biotech sector and I am upbeat about the industry as a whole.

    Here are some names that I am watching: ILMN, INCY, RNVS, CEGE, MEDI, CYTC, MLNM, PDLI

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    Up again today looks real good here in this weak market. Some of my other biotechs doing well too. Watch AVRX thur. as they are presenting at the biotech conference thur afternoon in california.

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    But how about that EXAS up almost 50% today. Hope to get the same type of gain with AVRX which is presenting thursday. IMMU can't wait for the news to hit it should really run then. BIPH hope it moves right thru 2 Good luck
    EXAS up another .20 after a huge day yesterday. IMMU nice day to up .14 to 3.32 and NVLT finally gets going up .17 to 2.19 and closed at the day high. Looking for more on nvlt alot more. BIPH down .04 hope to see a test of 2 soon.

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    Can't believe BIPH. I had that for like 2 months and all it did was go down and then just after I decide to cut my losses and make them back elsewhere, it goes up! TWTI just did the same thing although I did make a little profit there.

    I'm enjoying the IMMU at the moment. Got a bit out of VION too. Missed NVLT for now, I feel - need a pullback - maybe all the way to 1.65.

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