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Thread: Is MAD MONEY Fixed?

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    Have you ever noticed that all of the stocks that Cramer talks about have already been traded in After Market ECN's. On average they are up $1.00 or more from the market close before he talks about them. Then they light up the boards and trade even higher. So who gets the inside scoop first? Are people within his organization trading the stocks prior to the show air time? :?:

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    People hanging on hold on the show are doing it. The staff makes them promise they won't act on what they hear, but they are dishonest and greedy and do it anyway. That part of it is a total scam and Cramer has ignored all complaints from other viewers, so in that respect, he is complicit in his non-action. The show is taped before we see it.

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    I never buy stocks he mentions on there, until long after those a$$holes have cleared out, if at all. The viewers who watch the show and jump on in after hours, after they do, usually get the bottom pulled out from under them and lose money. Don't buy, don't buy!! Watch the show for entertainment or information, then do your own homework and act accordingly or not.

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    We seem to get tons of threads on here concerning this issue, and it seems a little silly to me. ITS A TV SHOW!!! Of course there are going to be leaks of what Cramer is going to discuss before airtime. Since he has a staff, and since the show is taped late in the afternoon, it stands to reason that some people may cheat the system. I'm sure Jim, being a lawyer, and knowing he can go to jail, doesn't condone any behavior such as acting on his picks before airtime. I can't tell you how many times I've heard him say "not to pay up in after-hours for his picks", but I guess some people are new to the show, or just don't listen.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents.

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    Cramer also has a radio show on during the afternoon and sometimes discusses things on there that he brings up later. You can catch the replay of it at, before he goes on tv at night. He also emails a "Mad Money Minute" to us, every day, so we can tell a little about what the subjects are going to be. I never look at them, in time, because I use a different computer during the day that has no email set up on it, for security reasons. Since I don't trade in after hours on his calls, it's not really that important to me.

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