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    Hi Citygirl, ironic how I came back to the forum a day after your post. I had been very busy with my carpet cleaning company during December and I also took a welldeserved trip to the Smokeys. GOD Tennessee and North Carolina are beautiful country! I have also been sharpening and honing my charting skills. Tweaking my indicators and their values. I am specializing in bottom fishing. This does not mean that I will be buying a stock that is simply going in a downward trend. I prefer to buy a stock that is simply very oversold. Due your homework and study the charts of the stocks that I post. I like to hold most of my positions for 3-5 days. I'm shooting for a 10% return per week on "average". I currently own FORD(500@$10.22) ,AVNX(5000@$1.04) and TMWD(200@$2.43). IES was a disppointment but I made a nice profit when I sold it @.81 and PRGX when I sold it at .92. The past is done and now we can focus on 2006 Bull market.

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    welcome back TCG, i love the smokeys. me and the wife went there on our honey moon. great to have you back and i am glad your business is booming..

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    Thanks Jacob. GOD certainly blessed me this year. Business is great, but my dream is to one day buy a nice house in North Carolina with a great mountain view and trade fulltime. I'm 43 but would love to retire before 50

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    Im with you on AVNX but i will be holding longer then 3-5 days. The techs are hot and lots of bargins. I had 2 real nice ones today 1 a tech TRBM and 1 oil sands stock CWPC. Picked up a little ATS for the long term and added to my oil sands stocks today DOIG DWOG POGI and CWPC also picked up BSKO which looks good as oil goes higher alot higher. Watch CLWT next week was up on 6 X volume today.

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    Luc, I feel that this year is going to be fantastic. IES and PRGX were just warmups for the money we're gonna make this year. Quick profit taking is my motto for 2006. Read my post on "How to get rich" and tell me if it makes sense to you.

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