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Thread: CLWT breakout

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    On Chinaman's advice, been watching this one. Set up is in the charts....looks like some potential.....Thanks Chinaman.

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    I have been waiting on this one and its time for CLWT to put out some news. XING waiting on the news there too. CXTI up a little today in a real bad market should see 2 soon. CHMD and TCOM both good long term chinese plays imo. Good luck and lets hope CLWT puts out some news soon.

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    Volume coming in maybe the news is coming today. 3.35 up .25 not bad but im looking for alot more on this money maker.

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    Must be news coming out soon but it looks like they will hold it down for now. This is a great long term play imo. If it can get thru 3.26 they we should run but it might take the news to get it going.

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    Look at the 2 and 5 year charts looks like it is ready for the next run and with that volume friday many must think the same thing. CLWT has been growing sales year after year and making money every year. Now with the 51% ownership of PACT they are looking to grow more then the 15% they have been doing. Look for a contract on water treatment in the near future and many think lots of contracts to come with new business going to china not to mention all the problems with drinking water in china. Watch the volume next week you could see this coming last week. The key is volume before any news comes out then when the news hits it should really run just like CWPC did friday. Did you read that story one of the best news releases i have ever seen from a small company no wonder people think CWPC will be a 100 bagger. Good luck and watch the small oil stocks next week.

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