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Thread: Buying Opportunity especially for techs

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    Today could be a great buying opportunity, especially for techs. The market may selloff because of INTC bad news and also because of the selloff in Tokyo this morning. But when the smoke clears, techs will be selling at a deep discount! Put all your favorite tech stocks on a watchlist, then buy buy buy.

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    Thanks for the heads up TCG.

    What do you think of IVAN or SUF?

    I was able to get in on IVAN at little under $1.80, it's jumped to $2.51 during the day and closed at $2.38.

    SUF jumped early but finshed slow.

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    Well, if there is a second tech bubble here I'm wreckin we'll soon find out, so maybe watch the SMH since da semis will always be da leaders, fokes doana seem to be tawkin too much about the question of a housing bubble but I would suggest that you all put up a 1 year chart on the previous leader of the pack TOL and see if you can recognize any possible obvious technical formations, not that it is that formation in particular because we won't know and we never do until it becomes obvious :wink: if there is a bubble and wealth will be lost I'm wreckin that the current bubble in the gold stocks and the energy stocks is basically nuthin more than a bunch of speculators about to gget their butts whooped, but one would have to assume commodity prices will be coming down in 2006, and nobody on da planet except one person is willing to call for that to happen, anybody recall who dat one person is? :lol:

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    IVAN hit an intraday high of $3. Also got in, but at $2.30 yesterday after the initial rush of buyers.

    Techs are looking a hell of a lot better.

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    Just bought 400 shares of YHOO @ $35.84. I can't time the absolute bottom when there's a selloff like this, so I will average down. MU ran up on me, but also looking at INTC.

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    Either way, Gentlemen, it's
    Pucker up time...

    Quite a sale this morning, picked up more MOT , going into earnings
    EWJ starting to look good for short term bounce...
    Intel, loooookin cheap...
    Market just might close even, but who knows, me thinks only the Booyahoo knows...

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