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    i never uploaded the scan to see what all the hype was about. i take it you looked it over? is there anything special? does it work? some of them have very bad odds for a trade working out, i think the muddy modified scan has a great core that can be tweaked.( imo)

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    i was such an idiot today :roll: i put an order in for them at .40 and did not catch it until the price jumped back to .50. so i did not get them at .45 :x but i did get filled at .50. i also sold the other play you profiled at 1.35, great job pie!
    i can count on you for some easy plays i am currently working on a three day money maker filter, i will post some when i gets it right.

    what do you think of that muddy modified filter on sf? i been playing with it and seems really accurate...

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    Not sure, did you read all the stink about the DMA(28,-14) filter? I'm working on another filter I hope will be the king of everything...

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    Ugh, WY is not obeying my command.

    I don't understand why when I post picks and no one is paying attention they do great. As soon as people start watching what I do, I do horrible.

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    Well, thanks.

    WY was upgraded from Underweight to Neutral... I honestly can't understand why that upgrade is pushing this stock so hard upwards. I still hold my position and I actually bought early at $.60 (even though I recommended it at $.50). Any close below 67.60 will be good for us and options expiration is still 2.5 weeks away.

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