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Thread: Todays chinese runner

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    GRRF watch the volume, this could be the best of all the chinese runners imo. If it gets the volume the other runners have had this 1 could rocket because of the small 500k float. Look for 15 if volume comes in and then 20 imo.

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    Look at the volume over 1 mil shares in the 1st 40 minutes of trading, this could be a huge volume day for GRRF. XFML another to watch as it is testing resistance of 8.90. Good luck

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    Englishman I own so much Chinese stock I'm speaking with an accent and my hair is turning jet black:wink:

    I'm high on RCH right now too!!!! jumped in at 8.20:mrgreen:

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    You must be working some serious margin.....or do we have another 100k base capital trader in our midst?

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