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Thread: HOKU strong buy once it drops back down

  1. Default HOKU strong buy once it drops back down

    After the options expire and the earnings call I expect it to drop down to 9$. Then it'll be as strong a buy as ever, at least I think.

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    Im looking for 15 on HOKU as the group is hot and look for ASTI to catch up to HOKU. Good luck but imo hoku will not see 9. Once hoku clears 12.75 it should continue it run higher imo.

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    Hmm, I thinking either 10 or 9. Do you think there is any chance of an upgrade if it reaches those levels, as it is no longer overvalued?

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    Im not in HOKU right now as i sold mine on the run up and went into dsti and asti and the z's. I like hoku l/t and would look to get back in for a trade under 12 with support at 11.93.Right now im fully invested so i need something to run like ASTI and ASTIZ also holding and trading BQI. I still think if hoku closes over 12.75 it will see 15 but of course the group needs to stay hot.

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    Its down big today... 5%. I think perhaps 2 more days of panic selling will bring it down to 9$. The only thing that worries me is that production on the materials has not actually began yet, so whats to keep this stock afloat? Thoughts?

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