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Thread: Today's Results and Friday's Trend?

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    Narrow range

    Low volume

    Economic News out on a Friday in October.

    History (both lived and studied) shows some interesting moves based on the current contraction today.


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    Recent highs were achieved on relatively low volume, Chinese stocks were on a tear going into March's drop off, credit crisis is far from over and the recent 10% correction seems to have been too short lived, and the energy sector should start to fall off for a little bit. I guess I'm saying that I expect another round of heavy volatility and sub-1500 spooz. Just an opinion not a forecast.

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    I like the facts and opinions you presented.

    I'm with you Tony, predicting is a waste of energy....but seeing how the markets "react" to facts and events is educational.

    Thanks for the response. Tomorrow will be enjoyable to say the least.

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    The problem with this is that the market is schitzo and will react differently to the same news.

    Eg.possible headline for tomorrow:

    "The market rallied as disappointing job numbers made traders more confident of further rate cuts."


    "The market tanked as disappointing job numbers made traders fear a nearing recession."

    The 20/20 hindsight reporting on CNBC does not help.

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