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Thread: RIMM - this is a good stock

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    Went by $3.76 cents ahead of the earnings report today evening....

    This is a good stock...rather great one........ hoping to take a small gain after the earnings....

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    Really interested to see how this plays out tomorrow...and even the next week or so...I took on a strangle position today for Jan options...didn't want to get held down by the MM with the Oct or even Nov. They have been doing this a lot lately with other recent runners such as BIDU...oh well hurry up market and open and lets see what happens...

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    What were your strikes? The stock was down 2% AH, and it may not move too much more with the numbers as I see them. Might be a tough position to profit from. I hope I am wrong.

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    Nice move up! The afterhours after the earnings report and conference call was quite strange with the price ranging from $105 to $94. Good to see that investors liked to hear RIMM raise their next quarter earnings!

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    Opti, this is probably the strongest stock in the entire market. It just posted excellent earnings. This stock is not a "flash in the pan". It has upped it's next quarter projection. Why on earth take a small gain so soon?

    I would be willing to bet (if I were a betting man), that you could add on each dip between now and January and increase your entire net worth by 30%. That includes the house, the car, the fleas on the dog.

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