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Thread: Did XSNX just come into buy range again?

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    Been waiting patiently for this one to come back down. I think the news they released wasn't bad but I think because they mentioned in it that they thought Applied Materials was now competition in this thin-film solar technology, the stock sold off a bit. I previously had $1.50 set as my buy target and it went as low as $1.37 this morning before reversing a bit. What do you guys think?

  2. Default Did XSNX just come into buy range again?

    I'm looking at buying XSNX as well. It's currently at 1.30. Anyone else buying at this price? I'm so intested in this little stock I might go visit their facility in Colorodo this summer. However, I'm a bit wary considering the roller coaster ride this stock has gone through recently.

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    Well I bought at 1.13 then again at 1.00. Almost sold at 1.40 then decided to hold. Stupid. Anyway - could go back to 1.00 before it heads higher so be careful. I'm still irrationally excited about this company and think it could end the year over $2 and maybe as high as $3.

    If you go to their place, please report back - I'd be really interested to hear what they have going on there!

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    Around 1.20 is a pretty good buy in point as it has good support there.

    On a bad (good depending on your slant) day it can drop tp $1 so keep an eye on it because, depending on the news, this is a great buying opportunity. You could decide to be patient and get it there sometime in the future.

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    Can anyone comment on the technology here? Does XSNX have the best opaque thin film solar cell out there today or are there competetors that we should be aware of?

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