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Thread: Crdm up by 800% in a day

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    Can you pick your exit price on shorting? Say a stock is at 50 and I think it's heading south. I sell short X amount of shares. If I see it drop to 40, could I sell them back at that price? Or, does it have to be a certain percent down or a certain time or what? Also, how long can you hold this stock? Say it goes up to 55, but I still think it'll come down. Can I sit on it and wait till it's below 50? Is there a time limit?

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    Hard to borrow. The arbs have a huge trade on where they are short the common, and long the bonds. Your broker is going to tell you that you can't short it because you can't borrow it. Not true, but it means that you will have to endure pain as all these guys get squeezed out (remember the first squeeze when Kerkorian bot his first stake) and the price runs again. Ultimately you will be right, but unless you have deep pockets, you may go broke first.

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    Actually GM is down 3.1% since open. It would have made a nice day trade today.

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    Did anyone short GM today? Just curious it went down 2.6% after opening today.

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    So what I have accumulated in knowledge so far is that to sell short means that you sell and then buy it back on the dip...but how does that have significance in say the sell short button of your broker?

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