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Thread: MA to trade for $39 during Thurs Trading

  1. Default MA to trade for $39 during Thurs Trading

    With VG out of the way. Good things should happen. Any thoughts out there?

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    who's this booyahoo ya talkin bout?

    I did'nt come in here askin ya "who's ya daddy?"

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    He was (is somewhere) a kneejerk contrarian knucklehead who busted balls around here for a while. He had an accent remarkably similar to yours.
    It may be my NYC upbringing makes me biased but the hayseed vernacular makes it difficult to take you seriously even if what you say makes sense. Sorry.

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    I hope GM gets one more gap up. I've been wanting to short this overinflated company.

    Some firm had it upgraded so they could dump the shares at an inflated price. I bet it goes back to 25.

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    I think BORL might be a good short candidate. I think they got upgraded today so some institutions can dump their shares.

    Borland was the 2nd stock I ever purchased. I made a good profit with their stock. I sold my shares several years ago. I got out just in time. The company has been declining ever since. They are now trying to become a software service company, while trying to sell off their software tools division. I think the stock could easily go to $3 a share. The only negative about shorting this stock is that another company could buy them out. IMO, the near future for BORL doesn't look that good.

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