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Thread: Yhoo & Gm

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    I bought these 2 on their pullbacks last week and they are looking good so far for me.

    I got 130 shares of YHOO @ 29.50 and 135 shares of GM @ 24.10.

    I think they will both do well in the future as well.

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    you got in at a good price for yahoo.. pretty gutsy tho cus i wouldve been scared to invest more money into it a week ago ,, it was dipping at 2 or 3% a day and there was no sign of a reversal

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    I agree the market has been very volatile. I actually shorted TIE on Monday because of the way it has been moving lately. I profited 242 bucks from it too.

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    GM did great...I screwed up on setting a limit instead of a stop limit so I didn't ride it all the way....Do'Oh!!!!

    Hey Nathan...whos the model? Enquiring minds gotta know...

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    I see GM taking off like this, and I really think there is a conspiracy to this one. When a company has to subsidize gas to sell cars, how can people think this is a good thing? It doesn't add up at all to me! I honestly think it's like Enron in some way, but a little more subtle. I'm a shorting skeptic, but I think GM is a speculative play. I'm not saying speculative plays don't make money for people either. I just don't get it. Can someone help explain what is good about them subsidizing gas to sell cars?

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