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Thread: The Prettie Girls!™ dolls from OWOO

  1. Default The Prettie Girls!™ dolls from OWOO

    are diverse in culture, interests, and style! These hip young girls attend the Dream Academy of Excellence, a school where dreams can come true – so long as you work hard! They come from countries across the globe and no matter what they look like or where they are from they believe that beauty comes from within. In the Prettie Girls’ world every girl is awesome and amazing!

    The Prettie Girls! believe that we all live on this planet together, and that we can all be friends so long as everyone gives their best, respects others, and never takes life for granted! The Prettie Girls believe in getting excellent grades, helping their communities, making mindful decisions and most important of all— taking their futures seriously!

    Currently, five dolls make up the One World Doll Project’s Prettie Girls! collection. Two are available now at retail: Lena, who is African-American and Valencia, who is Latina.Three more Prettie Girls! – Kimani (African), Dahlia (South Asian) and Alexie (Caucasian) – will be on display and available for consumers early this year.

    Additionally, Cynthia Bailey, entrepreneur and reality TV star featured on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta™ is the first celebrity represented in One World Doll’s Prettie Girls! Signature Collector’s line. The Cynthia Bailey doll is available to consumers now.

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    Robert Tonner is the top name in doll industry. He is like the Steven Spielberg of dolls. $OWOO

    Tonner’s immaculate designs have earned him the exclusive rights to bring Harry Potter & Avatar dolls to life. $OWOO

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    Being a long term follower of The One World Doll Project I am oftentimes asked on the message boards, “What ever happened to the merger between Tonner Doll Company and The One World Doll Project? “They created the subsidiary Tonner-One World.” I reply. More often than not they reply, “But I thought the merger was canceled.” Then I link them to the Form 8-k filed February 25th, 2016and say “Read the fine print.” This is why it pays to do your homework, folks! The filing shows that both parties would benefit more if they formed the subsidiary in preparation of a multi-year licensing deal with a major television series.

    To fully understand the magnitude of this subsidiary we have to start with the basics.

    What do you know about Hollywood's world renowned doll designer and artist, Robert Tonner? He is a HUGE name in both the doll and entertainment industries.

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    Current Day[2016]: Tonner and The One World Doll Project, teaming up to form Tonner-One World! So what is it that makes The One World Doll Project such an attractive candidate to partner with a company like Tonner?

    The One World Doll Project was established in 2010 by Trent T. Daniels and Stacey McBride-Irby. It was during a meeting between Stacy and Trent when both parties evaluated the doll market. They determined there was a major opening in the market for multicultural dolls. They learned that the customer base of racially mixed children between the ages of 6-11 in the United States was estimated at 24.3 million in 2009. And due to the market domination by Hasbro and Mattel, their strategy was to focus on African-American and multicultural markets which are extremely underrepresented.

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    Stacy McBride-Irby was already the creator of the very successful “So In Style™“ line of Barbie products. Her experience in the industry, working with Mattel, gave them an advantage during the Company’s infancy. And so it started, The One World Doll Project began its entry into the fashion-play doll industry whereby the general doll market is estimated at $2.8 Billion.

    However, what people should really take note in, is what makes this combination of Tonner/OneWorld so interesting. The Tonner Doll Company did not ever have to go public. Even if they decided they wanted to, already earning millions of dollars in profits, securing mega licensing contracts and enjoying a 25 year history, Nasdaq could have easily been their first stop. So why did Tonner choose The One World Doll Company? We can’t speak for the man [Tonner], per se, but based on various reads and the Tonner-One World introduction video, Robert Tonner was completely enamored by Stacey McBride-Irby’s work – from the “So In Style™“ Barbie to the PRETTIE Girls™. Essentially, in a show of unwavering support for her venturing off on her own from Mattel, Robert Tonner is throwing the weight of his name, reputation and multimillion dollar company behind Stacy and One World.

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