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    On its way but what is your prognosis for DWOG? Its partners in the venture are both up 4.5% while it's down 3. Do you think it will play catch-up latr today or will the others come down?

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    imo its a matter of time before dwog gets going again. pogi wow that was quick

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    Jeez, what just happened? Up 15% on top of the 6% it was in a matter of 2 seconds?!

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    I put that pogi money in ocpi at 2.89 and will hold it for the next big fiberoptic run.

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    right behind ya here. i need just a smidgon hair ,tad little bit mooooore. i will take 50% off and keep the rest forever.

    you just gots to know how to wait the time and let the stock do what it needs to do. i am 100% no loss's for 06 at the moment and i have shifted into all little doggie transactions. i have never had this many shares of stock in my

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