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Thread: STJ & AAPL - What do you think?

  1. Default STJ & AAPL - What do you think?

    STJ: Seems to be staying at support right now at 40. BUY?
    AAPL: Wait till it hits 59 to see if it bounces again. If it does we'll have a W with support at 59. This 59 is weak support. So if it fails to bounce again here, we're wating until it's next support in May at 50.

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    I agree with STJ. If you compare earnings to the price of the stock, it's overpriced still.

    However, wouldn't aapl be good to invest in now if it's resistance is 85 and it looks like it hit support at 59. There is a lot of room on the upside if this is true. I guess there are two ways to buy. A position trade is when you buy a breakout from resistance. A swing trade is where you buy in the dips. I'm looking to buy in the dips.

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    If you are satisfied with your metrics, go for it!

    I honestly can state I love it when someone can win in this game, particularly if s/he is a Newbie as I am

    My big metric is stacking the deck in my favor as much as legally possible, and finding pros whose advice seem to win more (e.g., the serious Cramer) often than not (e.g., the professional wrestler Cramer)...This game is an art and not a science

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    I look at things on this chart too. I meant to say 72 was the broken resistance level. The price tested this resistance on Nov 4, Nov 25, and Dec 1.
    Last week I bought this stock on Mon. Ask madcowdisease. I told him about NBR on the 23rd. It was one I bought and sold 3 times as it was going up on Monday. I should have held it long because I don't have 25k to be a day trader.
    The trigger for this was when the price formed a nice W with the bottom resting nicely on 64, which was a nice support from Nov 29. It showed accumulation as it bounced here twice. The 6 month chart is the one I was using. The MA 50 has been over the MA 200 this whole time. I'm looking for quicker signals. I also like the slow STO a lot. When it dips below 20 and rises above it, you get a buy signal. When the price broke above the MA 50 and stayed there on Friday, this is another buy signal. The price 72 changed from resistance to support. This new buy signal is going to be contingent on crude prices.
    I have been using that MSN sight that shows the highest rated stocks. I like it.

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    I still have not fully recovered from this Cramar pump

    Oh, plus some awful advice from the "Under 10 Dollars" newsletter

    I swear Hard Knock U hourly is as costly as Harvard

    At my present stage, I have the weird ability of buying stocks that flatline--I can help others okay, but when I put actual money on the line my metrics pick flatliners--not losers nor winners--To make them go up, all I have to do is sell the stock beforehand

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