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Thread: Lemmings?!

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    OMN- up 28% after hours. Cramer specifically said NOT to bid this one up because it's low volume. And what do the lemmings do? Bid the sh!t out of it.

    What a bunch of morons. :roll:

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    It's a beuatiful thing...for those of us that sell it to them, and buy it back a couple of days from now when it goes back down. Chances are the same people who paid me $7.00 tonight will be selling it back to me in a couple of days at $6.00. America...and Cramer. You have to love them both!

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    We had that thread a while back entitled something like "Be Cramer before Cramer" which was about trying to predict what Cramer would pump in order to get the "lemmings" pop.

    How about SMMX - an exciting hi-tech chemical company.

    He'd pump XSNX if they actually get some orders after april.

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    I guess it's great if you owned it ahead of time. I'd love for him to pump my portfolio too. But for those of us that are responsible investors, meaning we wanna do our homework and double check Cramer, we get f*cked.

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    englishman26 has the right idea. Try to game Cramer, get in before he does. You watch enough of Cramer's shows, you read enough of his books, you get a pretty good idea of how he thinks. One thing is certain: he tends to run with themes. Right now he is pushing consumer-oriented foreign stocks ("pimpin' all over the world" companies like Louis Vuitton, InBev, Rediff) but also alternative energy sources (wind power [Voltek] and solar power [Suntech]). Prima facie, XSNX would fit in perfectly with this second theme since the company is engaged in developing transparent solar panels which can be substituted for regular windows. It is an excellent idea--if, like englishman26 notes, they actually get some orders. So far, they have no revenues, and Cramer absolutely refuses to recommend cheap stocks with no revenues. Cramer will overlook if a company is losing money as long as its revenues are accelerating, but if a company does not have revenues Cramer is not interested. If you start seeing XSNX bring in some money in the next couple of quarters, though, I think it becomes an excellent--and intriguing--candidate. Definitely a stock to watch.

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