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Thread: otd there goes 1.30

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    I closed XSNX out with a 6% gain....meager by my standars but hey! Ya gotsta do what ya gotsta do! In your honor I am putting up a chort on this new pig of yers OTD at 1.30 for a move below 1.00. *-)

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    Actually, it's fokes like you who are compounding small gains into large gains fo da fokes who want to chort. Added HAL, MNG, AEMLW, to me chort list. Banked a 16% gain on CWPC and now I'm back in chort for the bigger move down. Still holding DWOG from 2.95 though Now I gots anudder eeeeeeeeeasy 40%+ chort wit OTD tanks ta you! I sho do appurciate cha! LOL

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    I hate to do it but I'm a bear on this stock along with Boo. I stated in other posts regarding the same thing that the auditor for this company quit and stated they didn't think the company could continue.

    You can find the link on your own, it's readily available, but for someone to just jump in this stock b/c it's touted on a stock board and alternative energy plays are what's being promoted on CNBC is irresponsible. There's no positive spin on your auditor resigning voluntarily and stating concern about the future of the company. Somebody is going to get burned in this stock and it won't be me and i hope not you all.

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    Tomorrow everybody will be wundrin what happened to all the energy pigs. Wait until you see where DWOG closes tomorrow! By Fri at the close fokes will be looking for a safe haven now that it is pretty clear they are gonna top da golds along with everything else. HUI gold index just needs to break above 349. HUI/POG ratio now at 59%+, appx. 1 tick away from "short da ranch!" and hold! *-)

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    CNBC and the ethanol frenzy is what's making it rally. If I were you I'd dump all you have and consider yourself lucky. This thing not only has the contoversy surrounding their auditor going against it but the pseudo-rally surrounding ethanol is a farce. Don't be the last one caught holding the bag.

    PS: I've also heard this thing has a chance to be delisted. If you're playing this stock why not just go to the casino?

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