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Thread: TLX and LDL

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    Bought both of these this morning. looking for about 5% each in the next couple days. charts look awesome.

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    very low volume on these - thus very dangerous. be careful you aren't left holding the bag.

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    these guys are screaming!!!!

    LDL has another couple bucks in it before a pullback based on my chart reading abilities?

    Anyone please feel to help analyze these, but I think it is a no brainer.

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    the volume on these are so tiny (each less than 10k traded today so far), it would really only take 1 or 2 medium\large orders to alter the price drastically. that's why stocks like these get manipulated so often (you can read people pumping stuff like this all the time). as a matter of good taste, unless you really have solid information, i don't think you should be touting these as the next hot thing.

    don't fall into the trap of these little stocks. you may eek out a gain once in a while, but there will be no warning when the bottom drops out and you are holding an empty bag. if i was holding, let's say just 10,000 shares, i could literally wipe you out by dumping them at my leisure.

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    These little guys are great trades and investments if they don't shoot up right away.

    I have done so much research on these and know what i am recommending.

    Don't let the volume scare you. There is news coming that will send these both flying.

    You can thank me in advance!!!!!!

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    would love to hear more about your research. i couldn't find anything substantial with a few quick searches (just some press releases and statements), but it sounds like you really dug deep into these. what makes them good investments? why these over other similar companies in the same industry? how did you find them?

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