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    Money is a resource and it should not be wasted.

    I am not trading with "free shares." I look at the diminishing value of the account and think, a kind of crime. We shall see what i decide to do tomorrow.

    I see what you mean about it being confusing to actually figure out 30 day periods from each purchase and sale of stock unless it is a one time very simple buy sell.

    What is a good site for checking short volume on a stock? Is better than 50% a sign that a stock is likely to rise?

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    A couple of things:

    Don't worry to much about the 30 day wash rule. Do some homework. Your over-analyzing it. All it really means is that if you buy "replacement" shares within 30-days prior or after the sale you still have the same position as you did before, thus it washes your first sale. Check this article out for a better explaination. If you end up making money on the stock it washes your loss anyway, so again, don't think about the 30 day wash rule too much. Only think about your profits, think about Uncle Sam later. He'll be there no matter what, your chances at profits won't always be there.

    Short Volume is different than short interest. Again do some homework. Here is the link to the daily FINRA RegSHO files. There were a few low volume stocks yesterday that the entire volume was short volume, check it out, its quite interesting. This topic lead a buddy and myself into a whole debate about the markets and short-term traders at a bar a few weeks ago. Yeah yeah, we're dorks, I know.

    As far a QASP goes, IMO, fear is out in full force right now as no one knows whats in store regarding the funding. If mineseeker does close next week, then this rebounds huge, as everyone selling now gets back in. Time will tell, I'm buying more on the ride down, as I have a feeling that the increase in O/S yesterday was for a good purpose. I believe that this will bounce back soon enough.

    Something to chew on: Even with Just the $150 Million in helicopter parts with 1.21Billion Shares outstanding its potential book value is .12 a share. Once the mineseeker deal is done it goes higher, and this doesn't include Atlantic Aviation, Tigerfish, or Corporate Air Repair. Not to mention countless other possible deals Dean is working on. Happy Trading.

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    Are we all in agreement that Dean will be quiet for the next few weeks?

    Nothing will be PRed abouth the $350 till the buy back is complete. Time will kill the pps. Looks like today is a good sign QASP will be below .005 soon.
    Friday will be ugly.
    This breaks or paint .00499 and she is in free fall. Cheap shares will be at hand.
    I will be buying next week. Its all a long shot and I view QASP as a lotto ticket.
    No mre $1000 positions. $500 at best.
    I still feel 2 weeks from now trip zeros is possible.

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    Amen to that,
    Heres one to chew on and I wonder how those I-hubers would chew on this one.

    Dean is taking so long to get this $350mm from Ireland that soon the Irish Euro will be worthless.

    Maybe this is part of the stall. $350MM will take many more Euros than previously expected. The Euro has dropped what over the last 6 mos? And dropping daily, last I looked. This has to be a factor. Money doesn't just sit in limbo, Its exchange rates are changing hourly.

    Just a though

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    Just scored a great flip from the 5's to almost the 8s, 79

    That was good for gas and beer money. Not sure what got into QASP today, but looking to load a few more below .006 again for another round of fun. Bet The Hubbers are pumping crap again.

    Thanks guys! Comming back down. I had .0084 pegged as a good flip and bailed at .0079 out of weakness. Had to let the MMs shake a few shares free. HaHaHa:beerglass::beerglass::beerglass:

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    This may be a great range to flip the snot out of QASP. Shares are easy to score and sell. Nothing will send this up but news of the $350 funding and that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
    If you buy in high, its a good chance buying in lower will allow you to flip out in the very near term. QASP has support so looks like a great subpenny flip play. The %'s are wonderful down in here and the volume is what you need. Hope it keeps up.
    Good luck.

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    Gotta spend all day on the farm with my Kindergardener and will be away all day barring cell phone access. I'm expecting a great day in QASP.
    I have sell limits set @

    Now watch us get a new 52 week low.
    My bet is she runs today on air and emotional momentum and be right back down EOD as day traders and those not wanting to hold over the weekend dump.
    I have a stink'n feeling we will be getting a few free days from Dilution and maybe even some company buy back. If Dean is not buying down here either its one big scam or he is retarded. Sorry for insultion the retarded population by lumping Dean in with that crowd.

    20% buy back now, is more of a play than above .05 Thats multiple of the price, but if Dean does get $350MM in Irish Euros who cares what ya pay. Its not his money, just his to play with. The Man will spend cash, we all know that.
    Go Dean. Stay away today and PLEASE keep your mouth SHUT, Like your last company PR......STFU!

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