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    This might be a good idea for a thread.

    Hopefully more will join the discussion.

    I would appreciate maybe a brief summary of your understanding to help kick things off.

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    My reading of cycles states we should anticipate right translation during uptrends and left translation during downtrends. While this might seem obvious it can be a helpful signal in our analyses. Should we see perhaps a crossing over of key moving averages and momentum indicators starting to turn south during an uptrend, if we were to then see a cycle cut short with left translation it aids in giving us a signal the trend is changing and vice versa for downtrend reversals.

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    Hi, LM. Hoping you might run a cycle analysis on GLD. As shown below it's flashing overbought all over the place. This leads me to believe a retracement is imminent; the question is when. I'm hoping a cycle analysis might shed some light on the timing of a pullback.

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    If you would like to see any of these cycle methods and theories coded send me a me an email from this page.


    I'm always on the look out for interesting things to code and add to my site. I'll be happy to take a look at anything. I'll code it if I feel that its worth my time to do so.

    You can also PM Me.

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    I disagree, es broke through the 1152 resistance today and stayed above. I think we will get another run, letting all my longs ride now.

    A bull market can stay overbought for a long time, so those signals aren't as useful as oversold signals.

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