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    Loved your ihub post, 'get the cheapies.' Love when the longs say that like they havent been dirt cheap for the past 2 weeks. I keep getting suckered on this one. I'm stumped. Tomorrow I'm really debating just selling everything and never looking at a QASP thread again. Definitely better plays out there.

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    Well so far this week QASP has been good on dates. Met the May 6th date and also met the "in a day or so" time in regards to the Mineseeker PR that was released earlier today. I was a little pissed that the closing was just Corporate Air Repair. However, I bought a good chunk at .008 today.

    I'm interested to see where this goes:

    "as well as the jet aircraft and helicopters of the charter company which we will close later this month."- From May 6th PR

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    i am suddenly over the last several days having difficulty getting inside ihub - as soon as I click on a message, i get internet explorer telling me it can't display the site and must abort. preceding this, the high number of mal ware warnings my antivir virus program gave me over the last several weeks, frequently from clicking on QASP messages, it seems to me. Perhaps IE just gave up on trying to deal with the ihub site - no other site gives this difficulty and no other site leads IE to abort. i miss ihub so may need to switch to firefox.

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    I-Hub working fine today.

    Just popped in to take the water temperature.

    Longs are feeling the hurt. All my subpenny shares are down some 24% today and will be looking for an average soon.

    Next time you are in there tell jrdig to release all those locked up in the banned cell, LOL! It sort of fitting at this nose dive price., Fink!!!!

    Some longs are calling it DOA. Most of the bashers are getting their, 'I told you so', awards. For what ever that is worth.
    We all want to make money. You can't short these things so if it don't go up nobody wins.

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    I'm definitly looking for 3 zeros on my next average. Thinking about dumping all my .0099s and 86s to take a gamble on super subpennies shares. Its lost money anyway so why not add to the misery today and help push it way low for a real buy in.
    If Dean can turn this around without a R/S then God Speed.
    We all know news of the $350MM will turn this around urber fast.
    I'm, like you guys, I still feel the funding has a potential to be real.

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    I thought about that 30 day thnig too, but last year I think i traded QASP some 45+ times and no way will an IRS agent have the know how to figure all those 6 mos worth of trades out.
    You call those guys 10 times with the same question and you get 10 different answers. Go figure!

    Sold out as well, scored .0064s
    I'll buy back in next week below .005 got a limit buy @ .0048

    That should be far enough down to stay ahead of any dump downward! I hope.

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    I quit on this POS. I sold my last batch this morning that I had bought for .0081. I am out of this one for good. There is no 350mil loan coming. Stocks that are pinks with .006 value dont get 350mil loans to put paint jobs on tin buildings or fund a training school. I grabbed what they call "the cheapies" on Friday for a little spike hopefully on Monday. The only spike this stock is going to get is the one it drives into the hearts of the loyal investors as it takes more and more of their money each week. Like I said above the true "cheapies" on this junker is when the company starts giving the shares to me. I see a R/S (reverse split) coming soon so Dean can get the price back up there again and start his R/S (reverse screwing) process all over again.

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