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Thread: Qasp subpenny stock

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    QASP has taken on a new face and justifies a new thread.
    Its a subpenny stock now and testing the 52 week low.
    Thanks Dean Bradley! Nice work! Good luch getting buyers now.

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    I dont mean to bash but, dean has really been toying around with prs and that 350 mil. I got out last wendsday because im lacking faith in this company down the line at this point

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    4 hours before the exchange closed I placed a buy order at .010 when the last trade was aboutr .0127...thinking my figure was so low I would be surprised on checking 12 hours later if it were filled. It wasn't filled; am guessing the stock went even lower quickly and my buy at that level did not fit, and so it was bypassed.

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    I think we might all have a few more chances to buy sub-penny next week. There will be a lot of anxiety just prior to news release and I suspect that will be indicated by another drop. Not saying this will certainly happen, but I have some more buys set up for sub penny.

    Good luck.

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    Spending part of my Sunday going back and forth between two stocks. More on that further down. Comments welcome.

    QASP: i have recently bought in... and am not trying to bash. i just was looking around via google and found the yahoo boards. there, some have posted that they've visited various places the addresses of which are associated with quasar, and found nothing much. 1556 walnut creek drive, in fleming island, florida zip 32003 according to the post sounds like a small apartment, or house with 1 or 2 renters. i don't know whether this will work, but here is the link. i read another message that refers to visiting an old airport and being thrown out, inquiring about quasar, evidently. perhaps this is normal posting coming from "bashers" but don't know how else to take it than at face vaue.

    i'm getting more and more interested in investing in another US stock GHDI and may change my buy to it for tomorrow instead of continuing to average down for QASP. i read about the ceo, a very good interview, and like not only the expression in his eyes and his general demeanor, but his responses. seems that getting in now isn't absolutely necessary, but the longer term past the next couple of months we'd want to be in by.

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    Interesing.... the Address registred with the state of Florida is the one at the Herlong Airport. The 1556 Address is Dean's Registered Agent Address (Personal Address). Check this out. Its a link to Quasar Aircraft Corp Florida Entity Registration.

    Be careful, the guys on the yahoo board are mostly bashers.

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    I can't blame anyone for being tired of this stock, but all this selling is crushing this thing. Wish more holders would just hold a bit longer, rather than selling to people like me sub-penny.

    Someone tried to paint the candle on friday as a few minutes before close it was a hammer (bullish candle) but someone hit the bid with a sell and it fell back. Friday was a very interesting trading day. I'm still glad I got my fill sub-penny as I'm already sitting at 10+% gain. I still hold some .013's and free shares from some time back. I have to say if we don't get money news this week, we may end up at the .0058 sooner rather than later. I know I'll be cashing out this week if nothing hits the wires. It will be my luck I cash out the day before Dean actually gets the money.

    Either way this as been an interesting stock, and I don't regret playing it. It got me a few nice profits & free shares, I just hope this doesn't turn a relatively clean Bradley, Ray, & Lundquist into the laugh fest of the penny world. Come on Inver, release the money already.

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