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Thread: A Weekly Look -- Week Ending 1/20

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    Thanks for the opinions everyone. I saw the same downtrend line as btbulldawgs. 130 looked to be the top as well, which it had trouble breaking through on Thursday and Friday of last week. I agree that if 130 is broken to the upside, I need to sell out, take the loss, and find a new play. GOOG earnings are on Thursday as well, which may influence the direction of the stock as well. Perhaps a bit of a gamble on this stock, but it looked like the trend line was pointing to a lower stock price. I will be closely watching this next week. Wish me luck and we shall see if I timed this move down appropriately!

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    The $100 strike is a huge move and you are using a low probability strategy hoping to hit. No, I don't think it is a good trade. I think you should at least hedge it by legging into a vertical.

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    Going the wrong way on you this morning, 3% gap to the upside over 131. But then again, what the hell isn't gapping up. Well CCL...... But should be interesting to see if the gaps hold or fade as the day goes on.

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    So far, my puts have been paying off. Now with GOOG tanking, I think BIDU should continue its fall tomorrow. I'm looking for an exit around 110. I almost sold out on Tuesday at the opening, but I saw the stock selling off from the open. Glad I held!!!

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    I swear, I feel like every time I think I think something is nearly a certain thing, it turns out to be the exact opposite. Thought the stock was going to taaaank today, turns out its now in the positive. Go figure.Glad you hung on, should be about ready to take those puts to the bank. Down to $121 in after hours today.

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