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Thread: Sino Payments Inc. SNPY

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    Great company! Im holding 7000 shares =]
    Get in now before it really sky rockets.

    I visualize great things to come, deals with credit card processing transactions in china and asia! heavily populated! what do you guys think?

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    It's getting promoted and the chart is decent so it has a chance. But just remember to pay yourself if you end up in the green at some point, cause this no revenue, more debt than assets company will crash after they inflate their share price so they can sell some shares to raise money to either pay themselves a fat check or if you're lucky actually pay off some of that debt.

    The company and $0 cash in the bank on their last SEC 10-Q filing. Not exactly a stellar investment. Worth a trade though as long as suckers keep buying it up and the uptrend continues.

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    Yes this is a promo to raise money.

    Also the Lee's (Chi Ho & Raymond) that are the directors of SNPY have another relative (Benny Lee) running their "TAP" group, which they claim to be doing business with. That is a conflict of interest as they gave TAP 1,000,000 shares. Keep it in the family I guess. Funny thing is, I can't find anything on TAP other than when Sino Payments mentions them in a Press Release. If TAP really had 20,000,000 customers as SNPY claimed they did, then TAP would have some information about them somewhere on the web.

    Again, just be careful playing these POS stocks. You can make money off of them if you know what your doing, but as soon as you start listening to all the crap the company is spewing, you'll get suckered in only to much your money slowly slip away when the insiders/promoters start to dump.....

    Caveat Emptor.....


    I checked out their "TAP" website. Notice it has not been updated since september 2011. A few of their pages show how many hits they have gotten. Most are in the 20's. Not 20,000 as you would expect a large company with millions of customers. Here check this page out notice how few hits it has received. It'll get a few more since you guys will click on it, but still 30 hits since September? LOL I do that in an hour and I have less than 20 clients.....

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