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    Energtek focuses on providing affordable hi-tech alternative energy systems and solutions to industrial energy consumers and vehicles.

    Energtek is an energy services supplier specializing in natural gas mobile transportation, storage and end-user retrofitting. In addition Energtek is active in oil & gas exploration and production, including commercialization of stranded gas.

    The company focuses on identifying rapid developing energy markets around the world, and implementing solutions that enable oil-based consumers to switch to cleaner and cheaper natural gas.

    Energtek, Inc. is a world leader in the development and commercialization of Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology. Energtek is realizing the full potential of Natural Gas (NG), the most practical alternative to oil-derived fuel for the next decade and beyond.

    As global markets seek to diversify their energy sources, Energtek develops breakthrough technologies to deliver natural gas from any NG source to the consumer, even in cases where no gas pipeline and compressing infrastructure exists.

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    Energtek maintains a code of conduct with high ethical standards, in line with its role as a clean energy provider. Energtek has compiled a Management Team, Board of Directors and Advisory Board of top industry experts from across the globe to provide complete energy solutions to businesses and governments.

    Energtek operates two major divisions through its subsidiaries worldwide:

    The Technology Division develops products enabling natural gas to move efficiently ‘from well-to-wheel.' Products include storage, bulk transport, refueling, and vehicle conversion systems.
    AngStore Technologies Ltd, Israel: World leader in ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) Hi-Tech Natural Gas storage technology research and development
    Moregastech LLC, USA: Supplier of NGV Infrastructure and high-pressure equipment
    The Energy Division implements the natural gas supply projects utilizing the products of the Technology Division.

    GATAL Ltd, Israel
    Energtek Herz, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Energtek SRB, Serbia
    Energtek Philippines Ltd.
    Moregastech India Ltd.

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    Adsorption is the adhesion of molecules of liquids, gases, and dissolved substances to the surface of a solid. The ability of a solid to adsorb depends on the chemical makeup of the solid and its physical structure. Activated charcoal, for example, has a very large surface area because of its porous nature. This gives it the ability to adsorb large quantities of natural gas.

    In a conventional high-pressure storage tank, such as a propane tank used for a backyard barbecue, gas is forced into the tank under pressure. The greater the pressure, the greater the volume of gas stored in the tank. The maximum pressure, and therefore volume of gas held in the tank, is limited by the physical properties of the tank and its valve.

    The addition of a microporous material into the tank, such as activated carbon, makes it possible to do one of two things:
    Store a larger volume of natural gas in the same container, at the same pressure.
    Store the same volume of natural gas in the container at a lower pressure.
    Until now the commercialization of Adsorbed Natural Gas technology was hindered by several unsolved technological problems. The main challenges of ANG storage products development are:

    Sufficient volumetric storage ability that will be competitive with existing NG storage methods.
    Efficient gas filling and release from ANG tank for automotive application, requiring control of thermo-dynamic processes.
    ANG fueling system cost that should be competitive with the cost of existing fueling systems.

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