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Thread: My first newb mistake....

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    I bought 100 shares of CNXT at 1.85 a few weeks back based on a Cramer recommendation. I figured this would be a good cheap stock to start with, since I'm fairly new to trading stocks.
    After watching it do nothing for weeks it finally started moving today. I currently trade with Scottrade which charges a $7 commission to buy and sell, so I figured the stock would have to go to at least 1.99 to really break even. After watching the stock go to 1.99 I tried to put in what I thought was a limit order to protect any profit I might have made.
    So I did a sell stop limit at 1.99, only to log back on a couples hours after and see that it SOLD at 1.99. So I have a few questions:

    1. Should I have used a trailing stop with preset points?
    2. How do you guys protect your profits?
    3. Does this also work in reverse to not extend losses?

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    One question for you? Do you know where any of the major support/resistance areas are for CNXT? If the answer is no then just stop trading in real $$$ until you learn how to establish where support and resistance areas are. You can always practice at a trade simulator like the free site offers. You can't set proper stops or sell limits if you don't know where the support/resistance areas are, just that simple. Don't waste your time investing/trading unless you know or you will most certainly lose over time. Good luck to ya!

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    Cramer does not believe in stops, and whether it amounts to anything or not, I agree. You are going to kick yourself when you get stopped out on a slight retreat, then it goes on up without you. You should always use limit orders to buy or sell. On one stock,WLS, I put a buy limit a few dollars below and just let it ride , and it came in. Then I immediately put a sell limit up a few dollars, and it sold. I did this 3 times before it stopped working. Limit orders work, they usually get you in cheaper and get you out higher. Frustrating when you are missing a ride because your buy limit was too low, though.

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    Boo, thanks for taking the time to answer. Where would I find info on support and resistance? Any books you recommend?

    I may have be unclear in the question though. I was asking how to set points via my stock account to capitalize on profits. If I buy XXX @ $5 and it goes to $5.5, how do I ensure it doesnt go back to $5 and take the profits with it before I see it.

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    What a coinkidink. I just sold my CNXT today also at $2.11. Nice little profit from $1.88. I don't believe in stops, I watch the stock and sell using a mental stop loss. Otherwise you can get sold out on minor gyrations in the stock and kick yourself once the stock takes off.

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