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Thread: CGRA - New CEO. Trading well below book value

  1. Default CGRA - New CEO. Trading well below book value

    New CEO as of Dec 15, 2014.

    The Assets on had (Long Term) are $10 million
    Liabilities are $1.9 million

    Trading at .0014 with a O/S of 320 million (market cap about 400k)

    They have revenues and with the new management I am expecting several PRs are on the way.

    One to definitely keep an eye on.

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    This one's been getting some attention. I think this is a diamond in the rough. Simply going through the balance sheet shows how much this company is truly worth if liquidate. O/S remains the same @ 319 million. 10 million in assets. 2 million in liabilities. Even at a significant markdown this company should be trading in the .004-.005 range.

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    Record volume yesterday. Debt selling has probably been soaked up. There was a buyer who has loaded approx 50 million shares.

    Rumors are that this will be acquired and taken private

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    CGRA- Possibly going to be bought out and taken private. Very lucrative deal here. There's plenty of rumors on the boards that this deal might go through if approved.

    Balance sheet has $10 million in assets and $2 million in liabilities.

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    It is indeed a strict approach. But with the current low values there are quite a lot (also large) companies which qualify for these criteria. Therefore I think it is a good time to invest in one of these.
    You also can leave the intangible criteria. But in such a case you should have a closer look at the details of the goodwill/intangibles (is it realy that valuable). This approach is more applicable in better times, as stocks with a nice price/intangible book are rare then. But in the current market I think it is case to follow the intangible approach, as their are enough possiblities now.

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