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Thread: Dram dataram corporation ...strong buy

  1. Default Dram dataram corporation ...strong buy

    DRAM's Market Structure

    • Market cap currently at 3.5M
    • Share price below $2!
    • Coming of it's 52 weeks low
    • Float very shockingly thin at 2M
    • Shares outstanding 3.3M.
    • 49 Employees

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    Does anybody see long term profitability with this one? There are a couple other marijuana stocks out there, but I thought this was at least somewhat creditable. Though the whole idea of investing in marijuana in the US seems absurd, I'm going long on it.

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    You make it sound like CBIS is a head shop that went public and not a company touting medicinal uses of cannabis. Would you say that investing in a company that distributes opioids is a public opium den? Sounds like something I would say, actually. I digress.

    I could give you many reasons why it's a favorite of mine as a share flipper. But from a long perspective? Nobody can answer that. They have a good idea. They know how to hype it. They're doing a lot of things right I've seen many pennies do completely wrong (check out the IR section of their website for a taste). But all of that matters not at all if the product just. isn't. effective. They're a hot minute away from completing clinical trials and having anything substantial to furnish to the FDA. It could, and very well might, take years. CBIS has no other product, so they'll be amassing debt and issuing more of those 447M common shares they're holding onto to stay afloat. And after all that, it go down in flames in a late-stage trial a la LibiGel (BPAX), with the noteworthy exception that BPAX actually has other products -- albeit hardly as innovative as LibiGel.

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    Lots of drugs have benefits far and away from their initial purpose, so maybe this ointment turns out to reverse baldness or permanently removes back hair. And if it really does reverse, reduce, control, or CURE skin cancer, the share price will soar, you'll (hopefully) sell at a massive profit, completely indifferent to the fact that it's a one-trick pony that will require years of sales to put this company on solid ground.

    But it's long into the future, my friend. The long-term value is unknown to any of us right now. If you're a true investor, planning to go long and withstanding me and my ilk taking each new bit of good news as a new opportunity to buy low and flip to you at a profit? Best I can advise is mitigate the risk. Go long with free shares.

    I'm hopeful that this company will make it. I like them. But hopeful just isn't enough for me. Good luck.

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    Understand that where this company is located is within the heart of one of the biggest military bases. Fort Carson where I used to be stationed at. The CEO who was interview made a lot of sense. Being a combat veteran myself and had seen a lot of injuries inflicted physically and mentally, this is a MUST for our troops. I mean hell, they're already poison us enough with their oxycodin, percoset, vicodin and other strong ass drugs, might as well use WEED since it won't harm us as much. LOL

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    CBIS on watch again. Yes still holding .05's. This Colorado MJ stock may get a boost after the voter approval for anyone to carry up to an ounce of weed legally.

    Actually watching HEMP & MJNA too, they both ran the past few weeks, and may also get attention off this news. Washington also approved a similar measure, and Massachusetts approved medical marijuana use.

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    is it time to play again? had a good drop this morning and is down around .650
    if it makes another jump to .9 that will be a reasonable gain. i wanted to jump in but didnt have any extra cash in the account, im tied up at the moment otherwise it seemed like a good play.

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