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Thread: VOXX 360fly the Gopro GPRO KILLER! plus Retina Scan Passwords!

  1. Default VOXX 360fly the Gopro GPRO KILLER! plus Retina Scan Passwords!

    VOXX is a/the main investor in 360fly, which is essentially a GoPro that shoots 360 view panorama. They have a mini version that hooks to cellphones, and I think is only $99.
    VOXX also has/has invested largely in a USB retina verifying password device called Eyelock Myris retina I believe. Which is almost as secure as DNA and is way safer than the IPhone (or something) touch password or something (all detailed in the following video) which still caused possibly celebrity photo hacks etc and besides is just much less secure than retina scan. Apple I believe bought the touch secure technology for a few hundred million a few years ago, so they'll/someone probably pay way more for this retina scan.

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    Even without these two products, VOXX is way undervalued as detailed in the following video. Plus, Tim Sykes, the big time stock teacher/alerter, who's VOXX video follows, is pumping VOXX up big time on a level he does to a stock about once every 6 months, so you know tens of thousands of noobs and also well knowledgeable traders will likely be buying it. He just posted this video and VOXX hasn't really been talked about much on stocktwits, so it's not too late to the party. It's also been mentioned and alerted by supertrades who is also killing it and is know for finding momentum before it starts.

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    VOXX earnings reports is this Thursday after market close, their conference call is the following day, which, according to tim, will determine if they're actually releasing the 360fly at the end of Oct for the holidays and not pushing it back like they've done once or twice a few months ago, which had the stock initially spike a few dollars but then drop down after product release was pushed back. either way, it's a 360 GoPro killer, and a retina scanner, and very undervalued besides those hot products.

    (apparently some trolls have found a way to make a lot of Tim's videos 'This video may be inappropriate for some users. please log in' even though they don't breach any Youtube regulations, so if you don't have an account to sign in, you can also see the video here [which is just a link to the youtube vid and might not work though, but is also transcribed).

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    Tim raved about VOXX Saturday (to non subscribers at least) after he bought like $360K worth. It spiked 50 cents to around $10 either premarket and/or early Monday and tim got out for $7,000+ profit, and then it was back around $9.40 in an hour. I'm in like $630.00 around $9.50 Monday thinking it would go up before Thurs like Tim said and then I'd take a profit and see what the earnings and conference calls do to it, but apparently that 50 cents was it so far. I probably would have held through the 50 cents anyway had I got in premarket thinking it was profit taking since I'm apparently too risky. The tank was probably just tim unloading $360K.

    Still holding it now in anticipation of positive affect from earning and conference calls, maybe I can get out with a profit before then. It has support at this price, so I might just hold it through earnings and conference considering the chart and see if I can get a dollar up in this market.

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    Tim only pumps a stock this much every once in a while (to non subscribers at least).
    GoPro is a mini HD camera on a stick with a spherical aspect ratio that's not fun to look at to me, and this is 360 degrees which is definitely cool a lot of the time, or it can be viewed as 1 complete panorama, and they got a cell phone attachment version. There's probably a few other 360 cams, but this seems to be the one coming up.

    360 fly does/will have a website like youtube to view these videos and be able to actually scroll around it instead of seeing it in panorama on youtube since you can't manipulate a youtube video, yet, youtube will probably eventually enable 360 video scrolling.

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