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Thread: What's going on with CC

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    Thats a very true statement WSE, if aint broke don't fix it, lol...the only thing is that I'm not done building I can't break it...just seeing what pieces fit better.

    Actually I was flat on hott topic...I guess you could say I did a good job by not losing, LOL!! But thanx for the comment anywayz.

    Can you direct me to your list?? Gotta be some quality picks on there. I'd love to do some DD and see if I can figure out some stuff. I thought I sent you a P.M. asking you were it was earlier, don't know if you ever got it.

    I'll make it a point to start putting them on here earlier I could really use some feedback on my picks and any tips that you or anybody else could give would be great. I'd really appreciate it...obviously I have a lot to learn.


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    Oh by the way, GREAT CALL ON TMA!!!!! I know you're happy about that one. I should've put a little something in that one. You are truly a frickin genius my friend. Good job WSE. GREAT CALL.

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    I wanted you guys opinions on something that I was thinking about in regards to retail.

    Is retail an extremely fickle industry?? Or is it just that my being a novice makes it seem that way.

    I'd really appreciate input from you guys.

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