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Thread: Supreona Shorts

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    It's funny that you think my hurting is funny...speaks volumes in regards to your character WSE. I congratulated you on your SMSI call. I am still learning and trying to do my best. Honestly I respected you as a trader and admired you, but now I don't know what to think...but I'm sure my opinion doesn't matter because your ego is so overinflated. Regardless of how funny you think it is, I still wish you luck in all of your endeavors, and I still think your one of the best traders on this forum.

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    not so much as funny but posting a thread dedicated to your shorts when the mkt seemed to be forming a temporary bottom but still deciding to go short on co's which also looked to be forming bottoms. not so much a wise decision

    rather than set it up as a post where it seemed as if these were dead set ideas, i would have thought it would have been a better as a post saying heres what i like.. questions, comments, concerns?

    btw good job on divx

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    I definitely understand your position WSE, I did mean to convey it as a thread with selections long and short that would be analyzed by veteran investors such as yourself. Thanx for the comment on DIVX. My goal is to try to duplicate that same success to create consistency. I'm sure it will take alot of work to get there, but I'm up for the challenge.

    I seek to learn from the wise so I can make wise decisions.

    Thanx again for the comment WSE.

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    I actually had Mens Warehouse(MW) pegged as a short but I opted to go long based on someone else's valuation which was a huge mistake. That would have been another great short. LESSON LEARNED.

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    ouch that sucks about the MW

    one of the lessons i learned in the past is to use what i know and whatever works.. stick to it. if it aint broke, dont fix it lol

    i even play technicals for earnings and they tend to work out pretty well even when earnings can be unreliable

    good job on hot topic. btw i also put down a list if you wanna follow :top:

    also would it be possible for you to put them down earlier so that other people could comment or benefit by getting other ideas?

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