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Thread: kendal WTIC future will decline.

  1. Default kendal WTIC future will decline.

    Unfortunately, yes. I could not take the crap anymore. Seemsed the company had so much going for it but after the reverse split (which they said they would not do) and the lack of corporate action, I found some other stocks more exciting and put the money to work elsewhere.

    Sold ETNL and bought RVGD and ONMC.

    Good luck to the Eternal Image folks.

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    I'm in PNHL and EESO. The latter I wish I would have gotten out when it peaked, but greed set in. I will probably hold till some finiacials come out regarding EESO.

    Good luck to all

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    I am in BUNM right now, but I would not recommend it at the moment, even though I've made many 100% flips on it.

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    Maybe INFA. They are acting very strong today. It's my largest holding. I added shares under $12 last friday. It's my favorite tech stock. It's a strong buyout candidate. I think ORCL buys them this year. They just had 2 upgrades in the past week. Do your own research.
    Good luck.

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    ABAX is a biotech I have been trading for more than 5 years and have a pretty close relationship with the company, WINN is a bit of a hedge I think is over hit. Lower transportation costs will help with the margins of supermarkets and I like their management team.

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    INFA has been on the buyout list since 2007. Maybe the potential buyer is waiting for a cheap deal.

    Working in IT sector, I have seen their reporting and business intelligence products and they certainly have an upper hand in that market.

    But with market in turmoil, I don't know how long will it take INFA to be bought out...

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    Good job catching that price on MS, felt like shit to buy this morning but the speed of the rally when we broke through 8000 was incredible and screamed buy. Today really twisted my stomach holding onto positions but we finally got some green on the board and all in the last hour, holding UYG for a diversified leveraged play on the recovery and even at our lows JPM and BAC which are the largest components of the ETF were still holding up nicely.

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