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Thread: What penny stocks are all of you invested in?

  1. Default What penny stocks are all of you invested in?

    I am in Cote.ob Sibe.ob and DDDC and flip.ob what are you guys in on?

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    LOL... stocks look good - they are getting a lot of action over IHub... DPDW had a nice little run today - looking to hop in, just waiting it out until next week

    I am currently in VRED

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    Just sold DPDW after a few days. In at 48 out at 72. A tidy profit for just a few days.

    Thank you to this forum for that.

    I am hoping for a pullback to 50 again, then I go back in.

    I cant seem to find any negative info about them...all good stuff.

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    You are right. There is nothing negative about them. They are cranking out HUGE machinery for the oil industry which is being bought by the big boys (Halliburton, RIG, etc.)

    They should be trading multi dollar but they haven't been noticed by the analyst yet.

    Go DPDW!

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    I've been in on MONA for awhile now. Buy at .05 or .06 and ride it up to .08 to .10, then short it on the way back down. You kinda have to watch it through the day to catch it at the best price, it has sperts that will go over .10, but it normaly last less than an hour cuz everyone sell it off.

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