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Thread: Stocks to buy now if you can't trade for a week

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    I'll be unable to trade til next friday, and have been in a lot of cash for a few weeks, so I can either stay in cash, or put money at risk I can't get out of for a week.

    Here's what I did:
    When the Dow was defended at 8000 the first time I bought MS at 6.97, TMA at 2.03, then more at 2.05, and 2.08 later, ABAX at 13.47, and WINN at 11.25 and later at 11.60.
    Buying LUK at 28.61 where it is now, and adding a large position in GMO at 1.50.
    Looking at CVX and FPP.

    Went from about 93% cash to 60% cash on those positions, have about 10% in the on deck circle for the last two.

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    Your expecting a massive recovery next week, or over the weekend?

    I was looking at GS, V, and DRI. I like your MS and TMA picks. ABAX and WINN I don't know much about.

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    I think with the vicious rally, MS has all the potential to double in a jiffy. Nice trade, aiki.

    I'm looking to enter into nov calls in MS. Pretty scary out there....


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    Uhm... Im betting that 8000 is not the bottom.

    not calling you a sucker but it appears to be a sucker test.

    You gots mooooore baaaaaaaaalllls then me!

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    There isn't enough data base on a chart to say the bottom is in yet.

    Catching the exact bottom is an art that i prefer leave to somone else.

    If you use trend lines and straight lines with a couple indicators you can catch 70% of the moves safe & consistantly.

    Of-course with correct money managment....

    Thierry has some great videos down yonder in the "VIDEO" sections if you are unsure or need help.

    All BS aside; don't try to catch the bottoms, you will stop out more often and it will only hinder your win/loss ratio.

    If you are already in? Have those stops set cause this market could potentially be really REALLY BAD...

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    Thanks for the input! I didn't even know there was a VIDEO section...sweet I have a few more things to check out now!

    I am in, only a handful of shares. Speaking of stops, ING has had suck erratic swings I would have been stopped out within a half hour of purchase and then watch as it closed up almost 2%. But your warning is duly noted!

    I just wish the governments would leave the markets alone for a bit...the more they do to 'help' the worse it gets :frown:

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