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Thread: Jim Cramer's Mad Money Glossary

  1. Default Jim Cramer's Mad Money Glossary

    All aboard! - Bullish call for everyone to jump into a stock.

    Are you ready, Skeedaddy? - this is a warning to get ready for the lightning round.

    best of breed - Companies that lead in their category are "best of breed" and Cramer always
    advises to stick with these.

    Booyah! - Nobody knows for sure, since even Jim Cramer admitted he "had no idea" what it
    meant. When pressed on his show once, Jim Cramer did say that he thought of it as meaning "Are you
    ready to make some money?"

    Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered. - don't be greedy, take profits
    before the stock changes direction.

    Dive! Dive! Dive! - the stock is going down, and fast

    en fuego - spanish for "on fire" - Cramer screams this for stocks that are "hot" or "in play"
    and highly recommended

    Go cry to your mother. - stop being so sensitive

    Hit me! - Speak to me and name the stock you want to me to tell you about.

    home gamers - Non-institutional traders who follow Cramer's recommendations. Cramer often
    spells out the symbol for a stock for the "home gamers."

    I wish I owned that company myself. - Cramer is limited by various restrictions on stocks he
    has mentioned or that can go into his portfolio, so sometimes he recommends stocks he cannot

    'mon back - ("c'mon back") - back up the truck and load it up with the stock - in other
    words, this stock is so great that you should buy as much as possible.

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    According to the most popular definition of "booyah" is:

    "an exclamatory statement, often said when someone is extremely overjoyed.
    Often people do a hand movement simultaneously as they say 'Booyah' (clinching fist and thrusting their elbow downward vertically).
    I got an A on my chem final. Booyah!"

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    Ok in Jims stock picks he has a list of what he calls "BULLISH" and "BEARISH". Ok what does that mean? Ones you should look at in a Bull Market in a Bear market or what? When he says he's Bullish on something in his TV show I'm completely lost. :?:

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    Thanks for your glossary. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out what Cramer was referring to when he talked about mullbacks, mombacks, maulbacks, etc.

    It's one thing for him to invent cute expressions that aren't crucial to understanding his content, but another to keep using invented words week after week without at least once a week defining them for new views.

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    I think in summary is what you wan't me to tell you is everything i've learned since i been in this same chair since 1997 charting every night, staying up till 2-3am, reading books, researchin and most importantly the fees i paid to 5star investing school + fees to a mentor...(Thanks 3j , You still owe me some time.. I know your reading this)

    Ifn i could digitally download all me knowledge into your head, i'm not too sure you would know what to do wit it much less wan't all the extra stored files that i collect that could cause the wrong man to go koo-koo.

    There happens to be a learnin curve that one must go through foist , there aint no skipping dat step!
    Trust me i tried for atleast 2 years in that state of mind that if someone could tell me the recipe i could master it.. (he did many times)

    That discushon happen right here in this very board with dat very mentor dat i mentioed above(hint) but i gots to tell ya all da convosations are hawd to decipher.
    You gots to toin da ol hat around and sit in your chair and read dialouge + lern to decipher hillbilly/pirate 101...

    Ifn you are qwick youll have her masterd in about 5 years (the deep depression pawt is da hawdest) then da time when i had to tell da miss's dat we was broke for da 2nd time.

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    What did keep you going? I assume that the amt of losses was significant. How did you handle the stress? I do not give up easy but I find myself ready to capitulate after " sitting till 2-3 am" researching the companies, following foreign markets, checking reuters, wsj,etc. websites, and as a result doing absolutely everything wrong. Your posts as well as John_80 are very very helpful. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience. Would you please clarify when you are talking about technical analysis what are you specifically referring to? Thanks again in advance.

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