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Thread: What's your position in stocks right now?

  1. Default What's your position in stocks right now?

    Based on the charts the dow needs to cut to lower levels i am neither short nor long cause I'M in "Skeeeerdy Cat" mode....

    The djia can't really stray much higher than 9300 and we almost there now + based on the steam of the pulse....

    I could go short but at the time i haven't the slightest idea what the governemt may come up wit to send the markets into a frenzy so i will stick to da daily scalps when they look safe...

    safe is not today.

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    I'm currently at 52% cash.

    I currently have shares of:

    INFA: Still my favorite tech stock

    WWE: My favorite dividend play. A great cash business that is growing world wide.

    ITWO: An arbitrage play. Worth $14.86 if the deal goes through.

    CELG: My favorite biotech play. I like GILD too.

    BEAV: A great aerospace play. The stock was hit hard by the BA strike and market melt down. Will buy more shares when the Boeing strike is finally over.

    ABB: Started a new position this week. Great balance sheet. The world need lots of power going forward. They should do really well. Might add more shares after they report next week.

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    Sold my shares of CSCO and ARTG a few weeks ago to have more cash available to trade. ARTG is one of my favorite spec plays. Might start a new position again after they have their conference call.

    I think now is a good time to make buy lists and wait for big down days to start small positions in stocks you like. I think the market trend will still be lower for at least the next 3 months. Hedge funds are still dumping. So they'll be plenty of bargains in the near future. Good luck.

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    Jacob...I'm really impressed by your calls your past 2 days...great job. But if you could please go into a little more detail about how you determine the resistance & support levels that you have made...other than "by the steam of the pulse". I'm a newbie and I want to do the work to learn how to know the limits like that..

    any books you might recommend?

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