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Thread: Economists versus stock analysts

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    actually i think YHOO would be a coin toss. YHOO should have jumped on the MSFT bid when it had a chance, i believe it was at fair value. but to play, i like MSFT both on the technical and fundamental side. even without Bill Gates, i think the co does well and breaks out above 30, i wouldnt be surprised if we see 35 in the months to come

    in my opinion, the only thing that should help WM head up is if someone announces that WM was being acquired. most likely a buyout would be under the current offer especially with a balance sheet like that

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    Wow no joke, but we have very similar predictions. Good luck. I also like WEL and fpp when oil gets to around 105 mid week.

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    wow great list. whatsw your time frame for SKF to hit 250?

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    i dont follow WEL but i like FPP and PDO, FPP will move faster but i think PDO is a great buy for both technical and fundamental analsysis. i put up a post about it in my latest blog entry, check it out!

    btw i heard you got smacked upside the head by AAPL puts, you and me both buddy... AAPL is due for a big pullback, i have a huge bearish outlook on it as you can see.. watch AAPL end up going to 160 this week... if only AAPL went to 175 on thursday instead of friday, i would have made out like a bandit!

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    I really haven't given much thought to microsoft but it does look like it has some good upside if they can keep momentum through the end of the year... I have had a play on intc.. I got some at 20.50 awhile back and it has been doing well.. I am trying to figure out if it has more room to go to 26, but the skeptics say it could drop to 19.

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