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    Is beginning to look like an attractive buy..

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    I bought some on Friday. And put stop pretty tight, almost stop out. Still looks good to me.
    But I received an email from Fast Money Recap there is a Sell list, Goog is one of them:
    Google (GOOG) (Macke)

    I set a stop at 439.If it won't stop out, I will hold it.
    Anybody has comment on this stock?

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    The market is due for a bounce. And if it does, you can expect GOOG to bounce towards its declining 50 DMA around 490 area where it can be looked to short again, if the general market indicates us to do so.

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    Hmm I just tried it out, its pretty good. I use Google a lot anyways with their open docs, Google talk and Gmail including. This is just one more jewel on Google's crown, lets see what the people say about this.

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    It is pretty neat, and as noted above I think it's headed in the direction of a sort of web-based OS. What I mean by that, is every tab runs as it's own browser. You can click on the tab and bring it out as it's own window. And then click on it again and drag it into another window and make it a tab again. You can right-click and go to the browser's "task manager" if one of the tabs is acting up. This way, if a tab is freezing up, you can "end process" for that tab and it doesn't crash you're whole browser. I can tell it needs some work, but I definitely like the direction it's headed.

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    Well... I followed this thread with intense interest because GOOG is one of the stocks that I regularly follow though I don't trade it everyday. I was reading other traders' comments on it. Didn't expect that I would be asked about my opinion. I am flattered, Riddicks!

    Here is my two cents... well for GOOG it needs to be scaled up to two dollars:

    GOOG has been on a down-run triggered around mid August from the Upper Bollinger Band. I think it is temporarily oversold (as the market in general). Friday's close was 447.50 with a morning low of 444.00. SPY went up fairly significantly in after hour on Friday. This may take GOOG to gap up on Monday. If it gaps up or runs up in early minutes to the resistance area around 460, I will take this sucker short and a quick trade with target of 5.00 or so. If it gaps down (which I doubt), I will look for taking it long around 444.00 when it forms a double bottom or Adam/Eve bottom. Target for retesting the high of 447.00.

    Note that I am day-trader specialized in very short term trades. I am purely a technical trader who does not pay attention to fundamentals or news development.

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