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Thread: I need a Scottrade referral!

  1. Default I need a Scottrade referral!

    I'm starting with only $900 so the free trades would REALLY help out.

    Thanks in advance!!

    Sorry for the dupe thread mods, feel free to trash this thread (after I get a referral of course

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    You can use the referral code SLHN6967 for 7 FREE TRADES when you sign up for a Scottrade account! After October 31, 2008 it's only 3 free trades.

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    Well, I am a Scottrade user,I can do that, but look like you dont need referrel now. Good luck.
    If anyone still needs a Scottrade referral code, you can use FRVV8728.

    Just recently came across this forums as I have been getting into investing.
    Lots of good stuff here! Figured I might as well see if I can help someone else out too with getting some free trades.

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