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Thread: any thoughts on finerman?

  1. Default any thoughts on finerman?

    after the honeymoon fades, i still rate her as solid. a little dry, i like the fact shes on the other side of some of the trades. anyone think the fact shes a female (at least of the non puffed lips variety) hurts the ratings? i like it, but im likely not the key demographic. hurt by new fall season prime time?

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    At first I didn't like the fact that Tim and Eric left. I thought the show would really suck and go downhill. But the new cast is growing on me. I still watch the show every night. Dylan does a great job of making the show move. I rarely get bored watching it. Their Web Extras at the CNBC website are good to watch too. I also like the other lady that fills in from time to time. I forgot her name, but she seems very bright.

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    wasn't there a Constance something from something something?

    Anyways, I think it would be great to have a sort of guest spot or at least a revolving cast.

    I they should get rid of Macke, who in my opinion, is annoying.

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    She mentions Home Depot way too much. She owns it with her fund (as acknowledged by her), and it gets annoying after awhile. Beginning to seem like a conflict of interest.

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    She'll probably be grinning from ear to ear tonight. She recently bought a position in BEAS. Now ORCL offers to buy BEAS. Her crush on Carl Icahn will probably be even stronger than ever now. Not sure why she likes Home Depot(except for the fact that she owns it). I don't see a catalyst to move HD. Mabye it's a value play in her mind. Eric Bolling was right telling everybody to stay away from anything to do with housing.

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