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Thread: Casey Biggs ADI is ready for long.......for short time.

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    Whoa, aiki14 indeed is the Mr. Winner! You must've been averaging down since 120 and buying like crazy and you must've bought at the low 49!!! Your account must've gained +50% profit in 4 days. You are such a genius!!! Amazing!!! I worship you, Mr. Winner! woohoo lol

    Please buy more GS! Going to $800 beating GOOG high in 2007.

  2. Default Casey Biggs ADI is ready for long.......for short time.

    Aiki is a very savvy investor. He might have been down slightly as the markets fell but you can bet on the slightest bounce he made a killing.

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    Ummmm I can't imagine that you haven't grasped reality yet..

    That theory is bunk.

    Lift your head from the sand and take a close look at whats going on in the world.

    Those ira's and 401k's are going to mean nothing.

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    I can hardly believe it. It has been only a little more than a week. It seems such a life time ago.

    Market is finally retesting the low again. S&P at 880 or so. This is the third retest (yesterday was the second retest, first retest last Thursday). If this support level breaks, I think all hell will break loose and the market sharply lower. I am holding my breath...

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    Unfortunately, the bottom could be several years away. IMO, housing prices have to fall a lot more. They really haven't corrected yet. When the housing market bottoms, we might finally have our bottom in the stock market. If the government tries to stall foreclosures of houses, the problem will linger and we could have a lost decade like Japan had. Foreclosures are still rising and still haven't peaked.

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