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Thread: Strongest currency in the world is...

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    Market makers will have to buy calls to protect their shorts as they sell to those moving to cover, and calls will go through the roof as well...

    Just some thoughts...

    But I wonder how much of the natural sellers are selling because of leverage pressure? Aggressive managers over-long the market near the top are getting those margin calls, they're having to sell their good protective stuff so they have a chance to make it back on the upswing. Markets go lower, and then they could go even lower on forced selling, but I'm wagering this isn't going to work much longer...

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    Based on the move down over the past week, if we maintain the same pace the S&P will be at zero in 7.3 weeks. (just in time for Christmas)

    I don't think we can go into the negative numbers, can we?

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    Of course not! Don't be silly. They will change out all 500 stocks that compose the S&P index way before it becomes negative! LOL And maybe they can use some Ultrashort EFTs for the index to make it look good.

    Some technical bounces, I think there will be. But I don't think the market can squeeze out the shorts like it did in October 2007. I haven't seen the "capitulation" that a lot of people were waiting for. Yesterday the market sort of got close to it. Gapped down, ramped up, back down, ramped up again, but at the end of the day still lost all the lusts and went back to where it started. (And today poking below the yesterday-low.)

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    Thierry!....There is no option to vote higher for those optimists that still exist! How about an option for those that think the actions taken by treasury and the fed will actually have an effect before the end of the year? I vote for DOW $10500. Remember that the economic slaves who are still employed, will (hopefully) make their contributions to IRAs and 401k's and that money will boost the market at the end of the year. That is the money that the major players line up to steal in an effort to make their bonuses at the end of the year. I am optimistic that the professional players will be able to grab that money. Thus, a rally!

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    Goldie went from a low of 49-48 to a high of 81 before droppign back to 79-78 on Friday. That's quite a respectable rally by any measure. If you have caught this ride, I bow to you!

    The last time, $80 seems to be a support. It was broken when GS went lower. Support turns Resistance once broken. As it bounced back from a high of 81. For whatever the reason the market held up GS (probably it was just because of the bear trap for the broad market), I am interested to short at the $80 level if Goldie looks weak next Monday. But guard my position carefully.

    I think to be successful trading is not to be a perma-bear or a perma-bull all the time. In Goldie, Bears were right, and Bulls were right too! They just were right at different times. I want to side with the Bulls or the Bears whenever the prevailing wind blows.

    Be a bull. Be a bear. Just don't be a sheep! :sheep::sheep::sheep:

    Pessimism has no bottom. Euphoria has no ceiling.

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