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Thread: just how LOW will we go?????

  1. Default just how LOW will we go?????

    This advice has worked so far, but I'd look up the definition of a short squeeze if I were you. This rubber band is only going to be stretched so far, and the shorts are going to be hurting when the market starts moving up. The natural sellers are going to be out eventually, and when shorters run out of shortable stock, institutional holders will be the only ones holding them, and they won't be selling, so when the shorts buy to cover, those stock prices are going through the roof.

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    Hey Moron, pay attention, who said C and GS should merge? We are all glad you 'personally believe' in the CEO, keep that belief as the stock keeps falling. In fact, put your money where your mouth is and buy buy. Take your 'ignorant head' back into the classroom. If the govt comes in and bails them out they have failed. Clavocat - dont you know anything?

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    Lou no need for personal attacks, "Moron". Please explain to me why Citi is at 3 dollars from $13? Maybe because they are an easy attack for manipulating short sellers...The company's fundamentals hasn't changed to give it a 3 dollar price tag. Did you look over the town hall meeting presentation and see how they are in no worse, if anything better than other banks. Your call is unjustified, that is ignorance. :top:

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    Where's aiki14? No reply in the other GS thread. He probably bought GS all the way down to $53 .. then buy 'n hold till it's $4. :mrgreen: aiki14, the Mr. Winner

    Ba ba ba BOOOOYAH! :top:

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    They are losing their edge after the Hi-Jack and manipulation of commodity prices.
    Maybe Barrons, and WSJ will write another horror story for them,
    oil up to $200 a barrel? nat gas to 16, Gold to $2000 an ounce?
    The stock will go up when they market some new manipulation.

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