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Thread: CAMD, AVNX getting ready to break out

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    Hey Mr Guru - do you think that CAMD has any possiblility of attaining some of the heights it had earlier - up in the $6 or $7 range or is this a quickie 10-20 cents anr flee situation? THey have fallen soooooo far - part of me would love to see it bust up through 4.50 and keep on keeping on.

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    manowar, my crystal ball can only look a few days into the future. But CAMD may have bottomed out and a new up trend may be getting started. There is resistance at 4.75 once it clears 4.75, $5.75 is next. BTW, look at the triple bottom it formed the last few weeks. Notice how each bottom was higher then the previous bottom. That's a sure sign of a break out. I mentioned CAMD a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the first bottom on 7/17 and the second top that followed on 7/27

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    It had a nice run from when I recommended it on 8/15 around 1.35 to around 1.95 . Most recently, AVNX has formed a double top on the three month chart with the second top LOWER then the FIRST top( huh? Got that? good) Not good. May drop now to fill the gap at around $1.40

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    CAMD had good earnings and slightly raised guidance, should attempt that gap fill IMO.

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    Not sure I'd consider VLO, the stock barely moved on a good 2Q earnings report. DVN seems to be poised to do what VLO previously did. In either event I would be very careful in choosing an oil stock, yes they are bargain priced, but the wrong one could really hurt you; as Cramer advises, do lots of homework.

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