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Thread: LNUX - Oversold with reversal signal

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    Comparing the daily charts to the 15 minutes charts, the indicators are improving.

    I believe this is a good signal for a reversal.

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    Knuckles, first of all, I don't pump stocks here. If you noticed, this is the "members discuss their own stock ideas" forum. The members here have different trading philosophies which makes this forum unique. You are a new member and are obviously confused about the concept. Most people here that have been following my picks for over a year now know my trading method. That is to buy oversold stocks and play the bounce for a 10%+ gain in a matter of a few days or even just a few hours. I don't care about a stocks fundamentals. I don't care if it is going bankrupt, is an OTC stock or if the CEO is a cross dresser. That is why I recommend only trading with Mad Money and keeping a core investment portfolio. Most of the time, I also like to link a chart and explain my reason for my pick.

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    OWENQ may not have moved much, but I bought it at .89 and it is now at .95 for a 6.7% gain so far. Yesterday I bought LNUX at $3.20 and it closed at $3.32, for a 3.8% gain so far. So far you have only attacked and criticized me and other members in this forum and have yet to give any positive stock picking ideas or recommendations. Since I don't fit your trading style, I suggest that you ignore my posts and don't waste your time reading them. Better yet, why don't you contribute with some stock recommendations of your own so we can do our DD and decide for ourselves if they are good picks? Good luck to you.

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    You know I appreciate what others have done for me on here. I dont understand why you would be so upset at TCG about owenq. Maybe I dont have a clear understanding of your position so please correct me if I am wrong. You sheepishly bought shares of owenq because TCG suggested it. This means that you have follwed a few of his picks previously and have seen the return that he has made on those. You figured he had to be right 100% of the time so you jumped on this one. Probably not doing any of your own research or waiting for a reversal signal to suggest a bounce. Now that you have not seen your return on investment you are upset with him, well shame on you.

    In such a small amount of time I have been taught so much by a community of great people. I am sure TCG could be spending his time reading books or doing technical analysis on charts, but he is on here sharing his knowledge with us, whether you choose to accept his methodology is completely up to you.

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