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Thread: VSE big stinker... Possible money make in the future

  1. Default VSE big stinker... Possible money make in the future

    Ok so im down over 1000... im kinda squirming... Should i hold and wait or should i cut my losses, it would been easier if i did it at 10% insted of the 33% loss im at now.

    Note to self: read title before posting... 2nd time ive done that...

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    1. You could hold, hope for a bounce, then bail.
    2. Try to salvage what you can from the trade and sell now to get some cash to work with.
    3. Buy more, average down, and hope for a recovery of some sorts.

    In the end the decision is yours.

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    I figured ethonal would preform better........

    I guess ill just pray... ide settle for a 500$ loss.
    I sure dont want to put more money into this stinker!

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    Well my advice is look over their financial documents, see if this is a solid company. Look at their growth prospects. I mean if they are a good company they could top earnings and get out of this downtrend. If you were going for the short term play then that's probably not going to work. So you got to ask yourself is this something that will be worth something; is this company worth anything.

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