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Thread: Yahoo! Whats up with this?

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    Yahoo seen considering buyout of Facebook
    Bid for social networking site, which also held discussions with Microsoft and Viacom, could hit $1B, paper reports
    September 21 2006: 11:12 AM EDT

    NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Social-networking Web site is in serious talks to sell itself to Internet media company Yahoo Inc. for an amount that could approach $1 billion, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

    Facebook, which has been at the center of takeover rumors for months, also held separate discussions with Microsoft Corp. (Charts), the world's largest software maker, and media conglomerate Viacom (Charts) over the past year, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

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    In March, BusinessWeek reported that the company had turned down a $750 million offer and hoped to fetch as much as $2 billion in a sale. It has been separately reported that Viacom held talks to buy Facebook.

    Social networking sites typically allow users to create and share blogs, pictures and videos with friends and the wider public.

    Facebook caters primarily to U.S. college students but recently announced plans to open its site to admit outsiders.

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    they are oviously trying to play catch up with news corp and google when they lost the ad rights to myspace.

    facebook, is a good play to catch the college-age crowd, but too little too late.

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    It reminds me 2000-1 before high-tech collapse - every crappy website that has a lot of users visiting have being promoted like a new IT-revolution. I don't give a dime on MySpace idea. This is a stupid website that tomorrow will be forgotten because it will another million websites like this that are offering the same stuff.

    Let Google does whatever it wants. Y! should has an own agenda. If Y! buys this crap (Facebook) for 1bn I will sell the stock

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    to you myspace may be a waste, but to the demographic of 12-28 year olds, its an addiction. i like to think of it as a captive audience and the face of media and advertising are changing.

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